Core Concepts For Your Health & Wellness

Covering important nutrition factors and essential lifestyle points as well as how to apply them. Having this core information will help you sift through the huge amount of information on the internet, social media, etc. You will then be able to decide, more effectively, what is right for you.
  • Engaging Videos

    Short videos that get straight to the point with each topic, supported with images and text to make sure you understand the fundamental concept of each topic. This helps inform you when you next look up a related topic on the web, social media, or just when chatting with friends.

  • Fun Quizzes

    There are 4 short quizzes after each major section with a final quiz at the end. These are designed to help you grasp the fundamental concepts of each module. Don't worry, they are not there to pass or fail you, but help you understand these very important concepts and you can repeat the quizzes any number of times.

  • Useful Downloads

    In some of the videos, certain downloads are mentioned that you can save, print off, use as e-documents. These are smoothies and other recipes that promote a healthier you and we encourage you to share these with friends and family. Some of the modules have a short reading that you can download. These have also been put altogether as a booklet at the end of the course. We will also add to these as we go on.

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What is All Things Food & You?

All Things Food and You looks at the triangle that promotes better health and wellness. This includes: diet – not going on a diet, but having nutritious, healthy, and tasty food; the environment – the physical and psychological factors that can either damage or improve our health; and active movement – not just exercise, or going to the gym, but the role of everyday active movement that is age and health appropriate to you. The value of this is that you can take the steps to lift your life and be a fitter you, inside and outside. Also, when you see all that information on the internet and social media, you will be better placed to make informed decisions on whether that information is worth paying attention to or not!

Module 1


These are the ‘big ones’ that most people talk about and often get wrong. The misconceptions of these main food nutrients can lead to misuse, possibly causing future health issues. So let’s say “Hello to Carbohydrates”, looking at the differences (simple and complex carbs). Then there’s “Facts about Fats” – a much abused substance, but very important to us. We’ll finish this module with some “Points about Protein”, where do you find it and what does it do for you and can you have too much of it.

Module 2


Even though the prefix ‘micro’ means small, the effect on us is huge! They are as important as the Macro(big)nutrients and without these Micronutrients we have problems processing the big Macronutrients. So, we’ll look at “The Vitals about Vitamins & Minerals”, where to find them, what they do for you, as well as some of the best foods to get them into you. Even though it’s not strictly a Micronutrient, in this module we all go over “The Wonders of Water”, a really juicy subject.

Module 3

Environmental Factors

Part of our triangle of life: Diet (way of eating, NOT going on a diet); Active Movement (including exercise but not limited to it); is Environmental Factors. In this module we’ll consider the “Effects of Our Environment” meaning the physical and psychological elements that can affect our health. Included are some starting points and downloads to get you going.

Module 4

Active Movement (aka Appropriate Exercise)

This is another point in the triangle of life. Active Movement just doesn’t mean going to the gym. We look at other ways of getting you started into a more active life, starting with just 11 minutes a day, even from the comfort of your own home. This module is also applicable to the exercise junkie because there are times when you need active down times to help the body rest, recover, and rebuild.

Module 5

A Little Bit More

In many of the modules I don’t cover ‘counting calories’. This often leaves people with a bit of a question mark in their mind. Basically, if you’re following the triangle: eating wholesome, tasty food; caring for your human ecosystem; as well as being active in a manner appropriate to you, calories is a secondary issue – we go over that. 

Also, what is the role of supplements? Do you need them? Do we overuse them? How do we know if we need them? We cover this. I’ll also give you some more natural ways of boosting your system.

Another area of major interest, discussion, and confusion is eating patterns: Paleo, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, DASH, as well as intermittent fasting. We briefly go over these. To finish this part off, I give you 2 tricks to use to control, consider, and enjoy your food.

Module 6

What Next?

After you’ve worked your way through this course, what do you do next? That’s of course after you’ve taken your triangle in hand and made small changes. Remember, a few small changes, over time, add up to a major change in your life.

We’re also working on the next course “More Things Food and You” and will keep you posted.

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Whats Included?

  • 1
  • 2


    • Carbohydrates

    • Fats (Lipids)

    • Protein

    • Macronutrient Reading

    • Macronutrient Quiz (15 questions) - 80% pass required before access to the next module

  • 3


    • Vitamins & Minerals

    • Water

    • Micronutrient Reading

    • Micronutrient Quiz (15 Questions) - 80% pass required before access to the next module

  • 4

    Environmental Factors

    • Environmental Factors

    • 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

    • Sleep Recording

    • Environmental Factors Reading

    • Environmental Factors Quiz (15 Questions) - 80% pass required before access to the next module

  • 5

    Active Movement (aka Appropriate Exercise)

    • Active Movement Explained

    • Joint Mobilization

    • Pre-Exercise Stretching

    • Sample Exercises

    • Post-Exercise Stretching

  • 6

    A Little Bit More

    • Counting Calories

    • Supplements

    • Meal Plans - Part 1

    • Meal Plans - Part 2

    • Hand & Traffic Lights

    • A Little Bit More Reading

    • A Little Bit More Quiz (15 Questions) - 80% pass required before access to the next module

  • 7

    Resources & Links

    • Smoothie

    • Quick Smoothie

    • Ginger Turmeric Tea

    • Useful Links

    • 5BX Chart 1

    • 5BX Chart 2

    • Readings Booklet

  • 8

    What Next?

    • What next?

  • 9

    Final Quiz

    • About the Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz - Please read 'About Final Quiz' before starting

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