About Eating Elephants

The name, Eating Elephants, includes three important points. Firstly Elephants are majestic creatures that we admire and when we see them, cannot miss! This is what we should be: majestic, full of health and vigor. After that, considering a full lifespan, we eat the equivalent of about 5 to 6 Elephants – surprising isn’t it, so the quality of what we eat is very important. Lastly, we have the saying ‘The Elephant in the Room’. That means the things we should think about, consider, and take action on; they are staring us in the face, but we choose to ignore them. The goal of Eating Elephants is to support you in acknowledging that ‘Elephant in the Room’ and dealing with it in a positive, pro-active way.


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  • Qualified Clinical Nutritionist (MSACN)

  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP)

  • Certified Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist through the American Nutrition Association (CKNS)

  • Certified Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner (CWPHP)

Member of...

The Royal Society of Medicine
National Board For Modern Psychotherapy
American Nutrition Association